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Manufacturing organizations operate in a dynamic environment of increased complexity and uncertainty. The financial performance of production companies, in an increasingly global market, depends on their ability to adapt quickly to constantly changing conditions.

Genialcloud’s predictive analytics enables decision optimization, addressing complex issues characterized by a multitude of constraints and variables that could never be analyzed manually. Genialcloud allows users to identify relevant KPIs to get simple and instant answers to common concerns such as:

  • Distribution

    How to balance distribution levels with production constraints.

  • Maintenance

    What maintenance can be done to avoid unexpected machine failures.

  • Resource distribution

    How tasks are distributed amongst the workforce.

  • Scheduling

    How much labour time will be spent on projects in a specific period.

Optimize supply chain management

The main purpose of a supply chain is to always have products available at a specific location and time. Today, this can be hindered by numerous factors such as market volatility, strong competition, evolving regulations and geopolitical issues.

However, the biggest challenge is meeting customer expectations.
The needs of modern customers involve an increasingly personalized experience with the ability to buy, receive and return products as they please. As a result, companies often have difficulty managing their supply chain.

These issues can be addressed by leveraging artificial intelligence for manufacturing activities. One of the key areas of production, where AI is implemented, is supply chain management. AI improves transparency, excludes operational blocks, accelerates decision-making and offers accurate demand forecasts.

Make Better and Faster Decisions

To maximize profit, companies need to be able to respond to market demand with optimal production costs, speed and flexibility.
Organizations face issues determining product quantities, and when and where to produce them. Demand can vary significantly due to many factors.
Factories have limited production resources and must consider all constraints in order to maximize available equipment and personnel, minimize product costs and downtime and deliver orders on time.

AI processes large volumes of data and performs real-time analysis that can optimize various production, procurement, and sales operations. With immediate access to data, stakeholders can analyze and process it faster. This speeds up decision-making and benefits the business. More importantly, increased visibility and data sharing reveals better insights into consumer behavior.

Advanced demand forecasts

Demand forecasts are a significant aspect of the manufacturing sector. If customer demands are measured inaccurately, this leads to product shortages or over-storage, resulting in significant financial losses. Genialcloud analyzes customer behaviour, loyalty level, general market specifications, and other factors to generate accurate demand forecasts. These forecasts center around:

Commercial promotions
This type of AI-powered forecast analyzes interrelationships between promotional business elements and historical sales data to create clear predictions about future campaign ROI.
Product launch
AI can process the results of previous campaigns, select the most appreciated aspects of the product and accurately predict future customer needs and preferences.
AI can efficiently track and evaluate trends and seasonal patterns within various time frames, which are crucial for future demand forecasts.

Optimize inventory

Genialcloud helps companies manage their inventories to meet customer demand by reducing costs.

It allows companies to compare multiple planning scenarios using what-if analysis and choosing the best scenario, avoiding insufficient or excessive inventory and freeing up capital to reinvest elsewhere.

Scheduling Resources

With products becoming more complex and supply chains more extensive, production planning is often very complex.
Production facilities can have limited timeframes to handle specific customer orders.

Genialcloud considers not only the use of resources and production goals in planning decisions, but also their impact on shift configurations, overtime and other constraints.

Improve quality control

Manufacturers are at a daily risk of unplanned downtime, accidents and breakdowns. The main challenge is recognizing the first signs of potential failures in the shortest possible time in order to save resources and sustain operational efficiency. Manual tracking is often inefficient and prone to errors. By leveraging AI, manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of errors and significantly improve quality control.

Artificial intelligence transforms assembly lines into interconnected networks, driven by a set of specific parameters and algorithms. AI identifies the slightest deviations from initial parameters in real time and immediately sends a notification about failures occurring. This improves response times and can eliminate possible failures much faster than manual quality control.

Scheduled maintenance

When production stops due to failures, profitability drops in a variety of ways, including production downtime, higher labour costs and additional stress for employees.

Genialcloud can recommend the best time and sequence for planning maintenance tasks in relation to production goals, downtime, inventory requirements and other factors. This results in significant time savings, increased agility and better planning of business assets.


Genialcloud solutions include the following features:

  • Identify objectives

    Identify main business objectives and manage sales, inventory, and customers with ERP and CRM.

  • Data collecting and modelling

    Define and integrate different data sources that can be used as the basis for models. Genialcloud’s Analytics module allows you to import, analyze and interpret data in a simple and effective way.

  • Exploratory data analysis

    Primary analyses are performed on the data in order to build models and identify insights. Your KPIs will be represented in modern dashboards, with the use of indicators, maps, grids.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI algorithms allow you to build and predict increasingly advanced analytics models, thanks to machine learning.

  • Validation and testing

    Models are used to capture current situations and predict future sales, so they need to be able to interpret correct information. With the Genialcloud Workflow module, you can validate and share templates, and establish approval processes of generated reports.

  • Communicate and collaborate

    Communicate and share results of advanced analyses and predictions of future progress. Collaboration and information exchange enable the right decisions to be made.

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