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Enable digital transformation with simplicity and ease. The majority of all professional services are embracing digital transformation, especially through the adoption of cloud technologies, which facilitate the evolution of new organizational models, based on mobility and automation, fostering stronger relationships with customers and personalization of services.

SMBs lose almost 5% of the working week due to manual processes. Overall, organizations dedicate 17% of their total workforce annually for these tasks. Leveraging software to automate these processes can reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and give professionals more time to focus on strategic projects.*

Genialcloud allows you to optimize processes by increasing productivity and profitability.

*Forrester Research


Why is it useful to adopt a platform for process automation?

Managing your business with a single platform like Genialcloud enables efficiency, controls costs and resources, improves overall performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Opportunity management

    Analyze, track, and predict necessary resources and costs to improve sales effectiveness and service delivery.

  • Contract management

    Achieve operational success and increase profitability by accurately managing contract elements, such as expenses and billing.

  • Resource management

    View and manage resources for various projects, ensuring efficient project delivery.

  • Project management

    Manage current and future projects by analyzing and monitoring KPIs across all your service offerings, ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.

  • Time and expense management

    Anytime, anywhere access to time and expense tracking on any device.

  • Financial management

    Manage your financial situation and improve cash flow with real-time insights, budget analysis, and cost allocation capabilities.

Customer success

Genialcloud improves customer retention by up to 27%. Regardless of industry, focus and type of services, customers are your most valuable asset. They provide valuable feedback and serve as a springboard for new ideas and services to offer. Customer satisfaction should be your main goal. This means more than just appreciating your customers, it means understanding them.

Reveal data insights to run your business better

Discover and forecast trends with our intuitive analytics service augmented with AI. We mine existing spreadsheets, databases and many other unstructured data sources to reveal insights that will help you better measure and adapt processes accordingly.

Use our AI agents to discover trends and predict outcomes that help run your business with faster and more efficient decisions.

Collaborate and share insights with multiple teams on an easy to use interface, easily control and manage security, privacy and access to data.

Monitor progress with Project Management tools

Efficient workflows are essential to quickly and effectively complete one project before moving on to another. It’s easier said than done on larger projects that involve multiple phases, complex processes and numerous stakeholders.

Genialcloud includes project management features you need to stay up to date, assign tasks to the right resources, track progress and ensure your work is completed on time. The easy-to-use dashboard and interface allow you to quickly add updates and analyze performance using charts and reports for all resources allocated to each project.

Simplify billing with automation

Genialcloud provides comprehensive, simple and state-of-the-art features for general ledger management.
It also provides enterprise controllers with a comprehensive set of tools to keep costs and management constantly under control per project.

Genialcloud offers simplified billing options to automatically send invoices on time, track pending payments, and forward non-payment issues when needed.

Maximize productivity with time management tools

No matter the size of your business, it can be difficult to track how much time your employees spend on various tasks.

Genialcloud presents a simple and intuitive interface that allows employees to quickly and easily record the time spent on specific tasks; tracks billable and non-billable hours spent on specific projects, customers and internal work, providing businesses with the information they need to determine how much time is spent on tasks that generate low or zero ROI.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered service automation

Genialcloud integrates Artificial Intelligence algorithms for advanced data analysis and workflow management that can take your business to the next level: automate and predict marketing, sales and ROI, automate the approval flow of documents and contracts, optimize workforce management through automatic searches for technical skills and appropriate contractual obligations.

The first step towards adopting AI for professional services is to create a coherent strategy that will set out how the organization will use technology to address some of its key business activities. The strategy development process should also be an opportunity to assess current processes and approaches – adding technology to existing infrastructure that isn’t operational wouldn’t be efficient. The strategy should also address both short- and long-term plans, as the introduction of AI will inevitably have an impact on the workforce.

Industries and professional services which benefit from Genialcloud’s built-in AI features in the Analytics and Workflow modules include:

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Customer service

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Cybersecurity, Backup and Recovery

  • Legal

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