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Genialcloud Proj

Genialcloud Proj puts you in complete control of managing and optimizing your company’s key business processes and functions.

Cloud based, modular and fully self-service, Genialcloud Proj offers all the popular functions of ERP, CRM, SCM and HRM applications all in one place.
Whether it’s accounting and finance, sales and marketing, purchasing cycles and production, customer service and support or HR and employee management and timesheet billing - it’s all available with Genialcloud Proj.

Available on the Cloud, completely self service, it can also be installed locally (On Premise) for those who need to re-use existing infrastructure and expertise in the company for a more gradual migration. Cloud services are available directly through a network of certified data centers in Italy, Canada and around the world, both in public or private mode and on the main provider such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Genialcloud Proj individual modules, as well as all the applications integrated with Genialcoud Proj, can be activated separately, allowing companies to use only the functions they need and pay them accordingly, being able to evolve over time.

Applications are natively designed with a HTML web interface, running on any browser and operating system, for both computers and for mobile devices, with an interface that automatically adapts to the device resolution (computer, smartphone or tablet) and native extensions of mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Genialcloud Proj


Cloud Application, fully accessible from the Web
Available at any time, and compatible with the latest browsers, OS, desktop computers and mobile devices
Why should you have to purchase an entire suite only to use one or two components? With Genialcloud Proj, you choose the component you need when you need it. They all integrate seamlessly with each other
With three different configuration models to choose from (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premise), you decide which model is right for your needs. You can easily switch from one model to another at any time

Since there’s no need to install any software and no servers to worry about for our Public and Private Cloud models, that equals substantial savings for you
Accessible through a browser and from any device, without the hassle of having to install any office automation tools
We partner exclusively with certified data centers around the world to bring you the best value for public and private Cloud services. We also have access to popular providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and an API for integrating with any other application
Cross-platform accessibility
It is accessible through any browser and it supports MAC OS, Linux, Windows 10 and previous versions and any mobile device


Accounting, Finance, Control


Proj AFC provides complete, simple and innovative functionality for general ledger management.

It also gives corporate controllers a comprehensive set of tools to constantly monitor the cost and management by individual code, by contract or work centers.

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Manage all accounting and finance operations from one convenient place.
  • VAT transfers/general transfers
  • provisional entries
  • financial transactions management
  • banking operations management
  • process financial statements and reclassify with parametric models based on budget analysis functions
  • automate the closing/opening of the year (simulated and actual)
  • manage depreciable assets, professionals/agents, payments on account
With the Genialcloud Proj platform all your accounting and finance data is fully integrated - linking customer records with their associated data and integrating it all under one common thread. Information such as VAT transfers, timelines, and unpaid invoices is all at your fingertips and can be fully managed directly on the customer record.

MANAGEMENT CONTROL Analyze, control and monitor costs related to the production process and assess the profitability and market positioning of each item.
  • measure raw materials, internal/external labor and special overhead items
  • create target plans that are completely separate from the general ledger, which can then be overlapped against the expenses/receivables in various target areas
  • create carry-overs that can be user defined or set to an automated pattern
  • a simple and intuitive interface integrated with the most common office automation tools

Sales, Purchase, Distribution


Proj SPD manages the entire sales and purchase cycle from order acquisition to order execution to shipping and billing.
USER-CENTRIC INTERFACE Familiar and intuitive navigation tools allow you to explore all documents related to an order,
  • get instant status updates for all reports and requests from customers/suppliers
  • automatically insert order details with one click instead of having to retype the data
  • manage prices, discounts policies and history for any purchase/buying cycle (cycles can be linked to a specific time of the year, product category or customer class)

Production, Planning, Logistics


Proj PPL handles all internal/external production and constantly monitors its status. By automating warehouse logistics, Proj PPL helps to improve efficiency by better organizing the handling, storage, picking and shipping of goods and materials.

PRODUCTION & PLANNING Manage and control all aspects of company production activities and plan the necessary materials and resources that are required.
  • production orders/drawings
  • payments for production
  • account management jobs
  • MRP and MPS planning and scheduling
  • production monitoring
  • plant maintenance
  • automatic logistics

LOGISTICS Organize the handling, storage, picking and shipping of goods and materials based on the most up-to-date data.
  • minimize errors that affect main warehouse operations - loading/unloading and transferring of products manage
  • maintenance activities through a dedicated documentation cycle that automatically prepares maintenance orders and reports that can be shared by e-mail, SMS or fax

Sales, Marketing, Support


Proj CRM offers powerful features for sales, marketing and customer support, helping you create personalized relationships with each client through sales management tools, customer satisfaction monitoring and support service efficiency
Proj CRM supports a broad range of pre and post-sales activities, including:
  • market segmentation
  • contact and opportunities management
  • negotiation progress monitoring
  • customer retention initiatives
It integrates with email systems, Microsoft Outlook and Office and the familiar and intuitive interface makes it easy to plan sales & marketing activities
  • track all activities with existing customers and prospects
  • monitor the progress of ongoing negotiations
  • build the pipeline and have a significant forecast
  • report and categorize possible failure reasons
  • define tasks according to shared calendars
  • manage and share contacts
  • store customers’ emails
  • perform market analysis to plan and implement targeted campaigns and evaluating the return in terms of opportunities generated
  • no special training required
  • Integrated Office-like tools to create and open spreadsheets and text documents
  • Sales processes up to billing, with related reporting and storage on Genialcloud Freedoc (document management suite)

EASILY MANAGE ALL CUSTOMER REQUESTS AND SUPPORT TICKETS Proj CRM provides your customer service and support teams with a complete system for requests and ticket management, from first contact to problem resolution.

Ensure effective and timely response to all customer requests while introducing consistent workflows for the post-sales service process.
  • support call management includes all related ticket activities and resolutions
  • contract management is integrated with all the relevant billing and renewal functions
  • operations management also provides reports on consumption activities
  • self-service ticketing portal allows customers to submit their requests online 24/7
  • get instant notifications of a new request and automatically create a task for the appropriate customer service representative
  • create your own custom workflow for ticket resolution and automate processes like ticketing, call recordings and operational workflows
  • document all information flow in order achieve and maintain quality standards - compliant with various certification systems
  • integrate with popular e-mail software and create rules that control incoming messages

Project Management, Time Billing


Proj PPM is an indispensable project management tool. It maintains an organization chart with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each project, while managing workloads by resource to identify capacity constraints and bottlenecks - helping to ensure projects come in on time and on budget.

ENHANCED VISIBILITY OF IMPORTANT PROJECTS Monitor activities, resources, progress and changes for each project, in real time.
  • plan tasks and allocate resources with precision by analyzing the schedules and workloads of all resources allocated to each project
  • integrated with Microsoft Project to assign, coordinate and manage phases of work for each project

Human Resource Management


Proj HRM manages all employee information including skills, training qualifications, professional experiences, current position and job description.

SIMPLIFY AND AUTOMATES HR PROCESSES Proj HRM helps to increase service quality, information completeness and administrative activities efficiency
  • create an editable database from all archived CVs to consult when needed
  • link skills and CV details to internal and external resources to discover the ideal candidates for specific projects
  • CV and open positions management
  • skills update management, skills search and people training
  • organizational chart management
  • job positions and applications management
  • define a set of actions to improve individual professional profiles through specific personalized training programs

Supply Chain Management


Proj SCM

(Available Soon)

Travel and Expense Management


Proj TEM manages all aspects related to domestic and foreign business travel - from authorization, compilation of the expense report, receipt verification and authorization, to accounting and reimbursement.

Proj TEM easily integrates with accounting and HR systems and requires a short implementation time.
Easily automate the management of employee travel and expense reports
  • multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency support
  • import data from major credit cards
  • set up a workflow approval process for travel and expenses
  • get notifications with respect to corporate and tax policy anomalies
  • completely web based and mobile friendly
  • integrates with Microsoft Office and email
  • use powerful built-in analysis and reporting tools to navigate through your data and build your own travel expense reports
  • implement an automated control system for compliance with corporate policies/procedures and regulatory tax laws

Time & Schedule Management


Proj TIME manages all aspects of attendance and schedule management of your workforce.

Track employees’ attendance with details such as: at work, off sick, on leave, on vacation.
  • collect employee attendance data from various sources including web interface and digital time clocks, and flags excessive absenteeism
  • simplify employee records acquisition and management
  • capture organizational roles, history, and any contractual specifications
  • monitor employees’ attendance and authorize absences
  • capture time and attendance data and create personalized reports for each employee
  • access reports and statistics for all absences and any delays related to current compliance laws, and export the data to payroll management software
  • automate the process of assigning work times and shifts to employees according to their contracts
  • maintain records for all employee types: full-time, part-time, contract, etc.
  • ensure data security with scheduled backups and having your data stored on a daily basis


Mobile ERP
Work the way you want and where you want.
  • Secure access to on-premise and cloud content repositories
  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Easy access to content, anywhere - anytime



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  • Accounting, Finance, Control
  • Human Resource
  • Project, Time Billing
  • Engagement, Marketing, Support
  • Production, Planning, Logistics
  • Sales, Purchase, Distribution
  • Supply Chain
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