Business Orchestration Platform



The massive scale of unpredictability that can occur is why we aim to provide organizations with digitally enabled processes, collaboration, and business intelligence for long-term digital transformation.

While some businesses have already gone digital, a sudden flip to company-wide digital transformation is likely to bring about unrest, confusion and financial implications. Our goal is to help alleviate the stress of implementing a digital workforce strategy. Our solutions help companies save time and resources by offering:

  • suite

    Integrated solutions

    A full suite of business productivity solutions for every department.

  • mobile2

    Digital enablement

    Mobile and web cloud-based solutions- work from the office, at home, or on the go at any time.

  • smartworking

    Work anywhere

    Smart working without infrastructure or technology changes or ownership costs.

  • productivity


    Ability to perform tasks without interference, ensuring operations are running smoothly and avoiding disruptions between employees inside or clients and vendors outside of your organization.


  • Management and Accounting

    Genialcloud helps manage main business processes within an organization and supports management control, accounting, finance, purchasing, production, planning, and sales. Easily monitor sales activities and automate customer service to strengthen customer relationships. It also includes trouble ticketing, project management and timesheet-based billing tools.

  • Document Management

    Store, share and manage documents securely in any format internally or externally. Users can keep track of edits and latest versions to stay up to date. With integrated Fax capabilities, manage and automate the flow of fax messages through email, store them in network folders and in the repository without routing through third-party servers, guaranteeing maximum levels of security for confidential documents.

  • Data Analytics

    Genialcloud provides an accurate real-time view of business activity. Easily import data from any source and view reports and forecasts through interactive tools. Data Scientists can integrate the programming languages most used in the Data Science and Machine Learning fields, including: R, Python, Julia, SQL.

  • Collaboration and creativity

    Genialcloud includes solutions for communication and video conferencing, document creation without Office, project management and workflow approval processes and much more to aid information and knowledge sharing. Applications are natively designed with a web interface, ensuring they function on any browser and device.

  • Human Resources

    Genialcloud provides excellent tools for travel and expenses: compiling expense reports, verification of receipts, authorization, accounting and reimbursements. Genialcloud allows labels to be stamped via the web on any device and favours the adoption of smart working models.

  • Workflow

    Assigning activities to resources with the most suitable skills, managing projects without delays, keeping track of production / supply processes and building a flexible support process are just some examples of how teams can use Genialcloud workflows to simplify work and improve productivity.

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