Optimize production processes


Optimize production processes

Today’s manufacturing organizations operate in a dynamic environment of increased complexity and uncertainty. The financial performance of production companies, in an increasingly global market, depends on their ability to adapt quickly to constantly changing conditions, from changing demand to delivery challenges in international scenarios, and managing production costs efficiently.

Genialcloud helps companies see where improvements in the production process could have the greatest and most immediate impact on their profits.

Genialcloud optimizes production planning, inventory and supply chain logistics to meet your business needs. Through a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, Genialcloud can recommend the optimal action plan that can help determine specific business outcomes.

Predictive analytics techniques such as decision optimization can address extremely complex problems, characterized by a multitude of constraints and variables that could never be analyzed manually.

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The Self-Service Cloud Business Solution to manage and optimize your sales, production, purchase, inventory and financial processes. A full set of independent and integrated modules in one solution fully integrated: ERP, CRM, SCM, HRM and AFC. Run your company from anywhere just with a browser or a mobile device.


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To maximize profit, manufacturers need to respond to market demand with optimal production costs, speed, and flexibility.

They encounter problems such as the quantity of each product to be produced, when to produce it and where. Demand can vary significantly due to seasonal trends and other factors.

Factories have limited production resources, so the challenge is to consider all constraints to maximize the use of available equipment and personnel, minimize product costs and downtime, and deliver orders on time.
Manufacturers have a limited number of warehouses, trucks and drivers but potentially an infinite number of delivery addresses. On any given day, they have to decide how many drivers and trucks they have to put into circulation, but they are also tasked with minimizing the costs of vehicles, fuel and drivers in compliance with delivery commitments.
With products becoming more complex and supply chains more extensive, production planning is often very challenging. Production facilities may only have a few days per month to handle specific customer orders. Planning considers not only the use of resources and production objectives in planning decisions, but also their impact on shift configurations, regular work selection over overtime, and other constraints.
Genialcloud helps companies manage their inventories to meet customer demand while reducing costs.

It allows companies to compare multiple planning scenarios using what-if analysis and choose the best option, avoiding insufficient and excessive inventories and freeing up capital to reinvest elsewhere.
When machines and equipment break down, profitability drops in various ways, including production downtime, higher labor costs per unit and additional stress for employees.

Genialcloud can recommend the best time and sequence for planning maintenance tasks in relation to production goals, downtime, inventory requirements and various other dependencies. The results can then be included in business resource planning, indicating the right actions as conditions change. This results in significant time savings, increased agility and greater ROI.

The Genialcloud business suite includes the following features:

  • Identify key business objectives

    Manage sales, inventory and customers with our ERP and CRM applications.

  • Data collection and preparation

    Genialcloud’s Analytics module allows you to import, analyze and interpret data in a simple and effective way.

  • Exploratory data analysis

    Primary analyses are performed on the data in order to build models and identify insights. Your KPIs will be represented in modern dashboards, with the use of indicators, maps, grids.

  • Machine learning

    Machine learning algorithms, integrated into the Genialcloud Analytics module, allow you to build and predict increasingly advanced models.

  • Validate and test

    Evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the models. Use the Workflow Genialcloud form to validate templates and approve the data analysis process.

  • Communicate and collaborate

    Easily and quickly communicate to your stakeholders the results of advanced analysis models and forecasts of future progress. Model results help businesses make the right decisions.

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