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Document Management

Rapid digitization has led to exponential growth in business data and documents. Every day companies create and manage huge amounts of business documents, contracts, offers, purchase proposals, marketing materials, human resource guidelines, training manuals, etc. Organizing digital files is often a neglected aspect of business management.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, a company spends an average of $120/year on labor to find an incorrect document and another $220/year to reproduce a lost document. This research also reveals that 7.5% of all organizational documents disappear, while 3% are incorrectly filled in. Finally, most employees waste 10% of their time searching for documents, and document clutter accounts for 21.3% of lost productivity.

Genialcloud’s Document Management system plays an essential role in making all document management tasks easier, faster and more automatic, eliminating paper and improving productivity.

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The Self-Service Cloud Solution for Collaboration, Storage, Workflow and Communication. It includes Enterprise level Document and Digital Asset Management tools. Share information, manage your workflow and collaborate anytime and anywhere.


What are the advantages of Genialcloud?

With digital document management, Genialcloud offers many benefits for businesses:

  • Improved workflows

    Most business processes involve both internal (department-to-department) and external (to and from third-party) communications. Some employees create documents, others review, approve and finally deliver.

    With Genialcloud, you can use validation rules and perform specific actions on documents, such as metadata capture, document classification and electronic digital signature, without human involvement. This accelerates business processes and improves their quality.

  • Reduced storage space

    Paper-based systems require a lot of storage space, which leads to an increase in fixed costs in real estate (offices, archives, warehouses). Archiving can become very expensive in the long term. An electronic document management system can significantly reduce these costs. Genialcloud’s Scanstation Pro tool allows the digital scanning and conversion of paper documents, with OCR, ICR and barcode recognition, enabling efficiency in business processes and improving information security and compatibility with document processes.

  • Advanced security

    It’s no secret that security is one of the biggest challenges for most businesses. Manual document management is vulnerable to hacker attacks, who aim to steal sensitive data. With Genialcloud, you can apply access rules and permissions for each file and folder, checking the traces of who viewed and edited a document, as well as the time it was logged in. Genialcloud manages document replacement storage, digital signature, time stamping, offline document backup, encryption and storage media burning.

  • Improved collaboration

    Genialcloud lets you manage, sync and share your company’s documents and information. Contributors are alerted when another shared document has been viewed or edited and edited by other contributors, and they can always access the latest version of your files.

  • Backup and disaster recovery

    With Genialcloud, all documents are stored in a centralized and shared repository to manage indexes, tags, meta-data, check-in/checkout, file versioning, publishing, archiving and recovery capabilities.


Reinvent how to store documents and send faxes


Today, companies’ race towards digitalization is experiencing strong growth, but the evolution of old technologies is often necessary so that companies can cope with all the obligations. Genialcloud is a solution for collaboration and document management, which transforms old tools such as fax and printers into digital processes. Users have at their disposal innovative tools for sharing, approving and managing documents, and can send them outside by fax and email with their pc/mobile; they can also receive faxes and store them in the Genialcloud File Repository.

How to send a fax from a file sharing platform

Genialcloud makes it possible to fax or email documents published within the Facsys File Repository, in just a few simple steps.

How to send a fax from a web browser

With Genialcloud you can send a document by fax through any web browser. The app includes the following connectors:

Channel Connector: Connector with telephone channel to send and receive faxes. You can set different channels (analog, digital, FoIPFax over IP).
MFP Connector: Connector to integrate faxes and multifunction printers.
Office 365 Connector: Enables integration between Facsys and the mail cloud provider in the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

How to send a fax from a mobile device

Through the SMTP connector, users can easily create fax messages without requiring any knowledge of the underlying fax server implementation.

With Genialcloud, users have a powerful fax server engine that allows them to send fax messages directly through Exchange, Outlook and popular mail clients.

Users can compose fax messages in the Exchange or Outlook message window, or by using their mobile device’s email application.


Thanks to Genialcloud, Telcos can offer customers a dedicated fax number that will allow them to send and receive faxes from inboxes or a Genialcloud account, accessible via PC, smartphone or tablet. Do your customers still use a fax machine? Cut charges for phone line, paper and ink, and make room for offices.

✔ No fax machine needed
Forget lost faxes, jammed sheets, paper and toner issues.

✔ Insured savings
Sending faxes over the Internet will save your customers on the activation and maintenance costs typical of the landline.

✔ No software to install
No need to install programs on computers, emails or apps. With Genialcloud, your customers can use fax anywhere, anytime.

✔ Privacy and Security
Keep faxes safe from prying eyes. With Genialcloud, inbound and outbound faxes are securely stored in the cloud and without storage limits.

✔ Flexible Contracts
Offer your customers flexible, flat or consumer contract formulas. No fixed or long-term contracts: Genialcloud allows you to cancel at any time.

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