Share information, manage workflows, collaborate anytime, anywhere


Implement paperless workflows, digital collaboration, secure storage and effective digital asset management processes to enable productivity and remote collaboration

With Facsys, employees can stay engaged and be inspired to do their best work seamlessly. Digital collaboration allows for smarter working by helping break down traditional silos, away from top-down hierarchical structures to a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and flexibility.

Facsys works on any browser, operating system, on premise and on the cloud.


  • Cloud applications, completely web accessible

    Developed with the most modern technologies, applications are available any time, on any browser and operating system on all devices.

  • Fully self-service modular platform

    Platform can be activated with a series of components that can be selected at will, purchased independently, in self-service mode and easily integrate with one other.

  • Flexible configuration and usage scenarios

    Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ configurations available with Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and on-premise scenarios with the ability to switch between templates at any time.

  • Virtual Filing Cabinet

    Keep track of all your fax/scan/upload documents.

  • Audit Compliance

    Monitor and control access controls and security policies with document tracking.

  • Go Paperless

    Save time, money and space, boost security, share easily and help the environment by going paperless.

  • Automated workflows

    Enable remote working, grant permissions digitally and automate document approval processes, anytime and anywhere.

  • Digital approvals

    Execute business operations, decisions, and processes in a faster, more convenient and secure manner.


Our collaboration application within Facsys helps manage, synchronize, and share your company’s digital documents and provides access to track version control, so your workforce is always on the same page and aligned on all project elements.

  • Manage information, metadata, tags, text index, file versions, searches, permits, publication and storage
  • Manage files and documents in any format
  • Quickly access the most up-to-date versions
  • Collaborate and easily share files within and outside your organization without compromising security
  • Rely on multi-level security to protect your digital asset
  • Track document/file access and modifications from any devices
  • Files are automatically synchronized between devices with the most recent version always available
Manage legally compliant storage, digital signatures with timestamps, offline document backup and encryption storage.

  • Certify your document integrity and authenticity with digital signatures
Acquire and manage images and metadata through your scanners, file systems, OCR and barcodes. It is compatible with most professional scanner drivers, scanners, multifunction printers, copy machines and fax servers.

  • Increase your information security and the compatibility with your document management processes
  • Automatically find and sort your scanned documents by referencing the bar codes, patch codes, text content, and document layout
  • Index your documents through key information useful for your next data processing
  • Categorize, publish, and share documents according to their metadata
  • Set several tuning parameters for scanning and OCR
Improve your company’s operations, processes and effective document management using workflows.

  • Set, create, manage and monitor your business processes
  • Web and Email based file approval and rejection processes
  • Based on the user(s) decision, files can be moved to different destinations
  • Customized web design, accessible from main browsers and devices including mobile
  • Can be easily integrated with third-party solutions, has a simple interface where users can set and quickly deploy business processes with minimal technical skills
  • Real time monitoring of any workflow process and status through user-friendly dashboards and reports
  • Through the combination of few simple predefined and flexible elements, users can easily manage complex operations
  • Integrate Facsys Workflow with the Genialcloud Suite and third-party solutions
  • Predefined activities and tasks, such as email notifications, user confirmation, and automatic verification of any information from an application
  • Independently implement complex modelling of the workflow process
  • Audit system available to ensure that your company’s processes meet the legislation requirements

Send fax from a file sharing platform

Genialcloud Facsys makes it possible to send documents published in your repository files by fax or email in just a few simple steps.
Genialcloud Facsys includes the following features:

  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Active Directory (AD) authentication
  • Instant fax status notifications
  • Complete audit trail of system and user activities
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Fully featured web client
  • Automatic route based on workflow, recognized (OCR’d) text, barcode, line routing, DID, DNIS, CSI, ANI, and Caller ID
  • Physical and virtual deployment
  • Full support for traditional fax line and fax over IP communication

Send fax from a web browser

With Genialcloud Facsys it is possible to fax a document through any web browser. The following connectors are available:

  • Channel Connector
    Connect with the telephone channel to send and receive faxes. You can set different channels (analogic, digital, FoIP-Fax over IP).
  • MFP Connector
    Connect to integrate FAX and the multi-function printers. A connector includes up to 10 MFP connections per server.
  • Office 365 Connector
    Integrate FAX with the Microsoft Office 365 email cloud provider. Send and receive faxes through an email account configured on Outlook 365.

Send a fax from a mobile

An advantage to using the Genialcloud Facsys SMTP Connector is that Exchange users gain the ability to create fax messages easily without requiring any knowledge of the underlying fax server implementation.

With Genialcloud Facsys users have a powerful fax server engine that allows them to send fax messages directly through Microsoft® Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express and the most popular email clients.

Users can compose fax messages in the Exchange or Outlook message window, or by using the email application on their mobile device.



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  • Free BonusFree Bonus
  • Base ModuleBase Module
  • FaxFax
  • CollaborationCollaboration
  • Secure StorageSecure Storage
  • Scanstation ProScanstation Pro
  • WorkflowWorkflow
  • UserUser
  • Cloud ArchitectureCloud Architecture
  • SupportSupport
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  • Dashboard
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  • Free Bonus75 USD FREE BONUS
  • Base Module
  • Fax
  • Collaboration
  • Secure Storage
  • Scanstation Pro
  • Workflow
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  • SupportStandard
  • Customization
  • Dashboard
  • Storage/Ram/CPU5 GB/8 GB/1
  • Enterprise

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  • Free Bonus75 USD FREE BONUS
  • Base Module
  • Fax
  • Collaboration
  • Secure Storage
  • Scanstation Pro
  • Workflow
  • UserFrom 10 to 500
  • Cloud ArchitectureEnterprise Public
  • SupportPriority
  • CustomizationPublic API
  • Dashboard
  • Storage/Ram/CPU10 GB/8 GB/2
  • Enterprise Privato

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    / month

  • Free Bonus75 USD FREE BONUS
  • Base Module
  • Fax
  • Collaboration
  • Secure Storage
  • Scanstation Pro
  • Workflow
  • UserFrom 10 to 1000
  • Cloud ArchitectureEnterprise Private
  • SupportDedicated
  • CustomizationPrivate API
  • DashboardMetering & Monitoring Dashboard
  • Storage/Ram/CPUConfigurable
  • Enterprise +

  • Contact

  • Free BonusContact
  • Base Module
  • Fax
  • Collaboration
  • Secure Storage
  • Scanstation Pro
  • Workflow
  • UserUnlimited
  • Cloud ArchitectureOn premise
  • SupportDedicated
  • CustomizationFull Access
  • DashboardMetering & Monitoring Dashboard
  • Storage/Ram/CPUUnlimited