Genialcloud Solutions

Genialcloud is the business application suite that includes all the tools you need from business and customer management, data analysis, document management and sharing, team collaboration.

Genialcloud allows organizations freedom from software licensing, infrastructure investment and ongoing infrastructure management and maintenance costs. The ability for management of users self-serve applications and additional features immediately further reduces IT overspend and support. Scaling as you grow easily and as needed! Genialcloud can also be deployed in a private cloud environment or on premise environment depending on your needs. Online training allows you to join our specialists without installing any software.

Start-ups or small businesses can use Genialcloud for free in the social configuration. Again the self-service model allows for easy upgrades and activations of additional modules.


In our daily life we are used to simple and intuitive applications and services which assist us in what we want to do, in the workplace we live with rigid applications and services that are difficult to use and with costs not well defined in advance.

Bring the second scenario to be similar to the first is the aim of Avantune that designs and builds Cloud Self-Service solutions that provide users with simple and powerful tools to manage their daily business processes in order to increase productivity, reduce costs and bring more value to customers.


The power of on-demand self-service allows you to configure the services according to your business needs


Access services anywhere without worrying about infrastructure and concentrate only on the growth of your business


Increase productivity bringing in your company the "consumer style" digital models we all know


Eliminate costs in hardware, infrastructure, consultants and IT experts. With Genialcloud you can manage your business in simple steps!


Manage and monitor the main business activities directly from smartphones / tablets / laptops, wherever you are! Our apps are designed with Responsive and User-friendly architectures

Our success begins with your success

Discover how the Genialcloud suite finds application in all business areas!

Genialcloud is the first self-service cloud business productivity suite that helps businesses generate value

No matter what industry you operate in, the Apps of our Business Productivity Suite will help you more and in less time than traditional IT solutions