Genialcloud is an complete Self Service Cloud Suite that helps enterprises to free themselves from IT problems and to manage business simply and quickly. Access to Cloud Applications allows to free yourself from software, infrastructure, management and maintenance uncertain costs and to have self-service applications that you can use immediately. Thanks to Genialcloud it is possible to share documents, analyze data, organize meetings and manage the business from a single portal. Self service allows to easily and quickly configure solutions to meet your needs and use and pay only for what you use. All you need is just an internet connection.


In our daily life we are used to simple and intuitive applications and services which assist us in what we want to do, in the workplace we live with rigid applications and services that are difficult to use and with costs not well defined in advance. Bring the second scenario to be similar to the first is the aim of Solgeniakhela that designs and builds Cloud Self-Service solutions that provide users with simple and powerful tools to manage their daily business processes in order to increase productivity, reduce costs and bring more value to customers.


The power of on-demand self-service allows you to configure the services according to your business needs


Access services anywhere without worrying about infrastructure and concentrate only on the growth of your business


Increase productivity bringing in your company the "consumer style" digital models we all know

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