Porta il tuo ERP su AS400 in Cloud, rapidamente e senza alcun impatto sulle applicazioni

Genialcloud AS400

Change, innovate and save is important

Thanks to the expertise of highly skilled professionals and to the excellence of our infrastructure, you can switch from the direct management of your systems, with uncertain operating costs, to the management of your solution (exactly as it is now, with all your customizations) in our Datacenter, paying a fee based only on the use.

Dedicated resources

Managing AS400 is a concern today for many companies and also a high cost, both for the difficulties in finding niche technical skills and for hardware, maintenance and energy consumption costs, as well as for data loss risks and inefficiencies associated with internal structures not designed for high reliability.

To address these needs, freeing companies from infrastructure ownership costs linked to their ERP, we presents the innovative Genialcloud AS400 offer. Data segregation, dedicated resources, dedicated VPN site-to-site access allow to move safely the AS400 management complexity externally.

Save time, costs and IT resources

With Genialcloud AS400 you no longer have to worry about unexpected costs and unplanned budget; you will have the power of your systems with the high reliability and the lower costs of our services and infrastructures.

If you also need security, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, High reliability and Replication in more Data Centers, the solution is Genialcloud AS400

You will no longer have to worry about hardware costs and management issues and you will be able to add new services for your customers.

Genialcloud AS400
Low involvement of IT resources
Infrastructure costs reduction
Scalability and Updates
Quick implementation

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