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Visualize Data, Discover Trends, Share Findings

Genialcloud Analysis

Analysis extracts insights from any structured data source and presents this information through custom reports, dashboards, multi-dimensional analysis, predictive modelling, and strategy maps. Analysis can work with data stored at a central server or multiple servers, and virtualized through the cloud for use on mobile devices and multiple platforms.

Self service BI
Turns any structured data into actionable insights in order to improve the timeliness and accuracy of business decisions
Flexible and adaptable
Integrates quickly and seamlessly with existing third-party products and platforms
Rich and extensible feature set
Designed for customized reporting solutions for specific industry sectors and specialized needs
Transform any data, big or small
Helps create insights into key business processes while freeing users from sorting through ad-hoc reports, spreadsheets and databases
Instant Scalability
Easily scales out and is cost effective to meet new and expanding business requirements
Value and efficiency
Improve your TCO by harnessing the power of Analytics in the cloud
Bringing the power of data to every user in your organization
Make it easy for all users to get access to the right data at the right time to make informed decisions
Real-time view of any data
Improves business efficiency through continual monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs)
Mobile Intelligence
Access your data, reports and make changes on the fly, all in real-time
Cross-platform accessibility
It is accessible through any browser and it supports MAC OS, Linux, Windows 10 and previous versions and any mobile device
Deeper Insights in a Few Clicks

Complete web based reporting system allowing you to gain a better understanding of your entire business by putting critical information in the hands of those who need it.
  • Leverage any data asset and transform it into useful information and insights
  • Deliver it in an actionable format to a much larger and more distributed group of users
An Accurate, Real-time View of Data

Enable faster, better-informed decision-making by monitoring key performance indicators, and identifying process problems and their causes.
  • Intuitive user interface helps to visualize information for drill-down, and slicing data
  • Accurately measure performance against objectives within key business processes
  • Quickly build dashboards and key performance indicators that present "forecast vs. actual" results

Transforming the Way BI Works

Customizable templates, dashboards, multi-dimensional analysis, predictive modeling, and strategy maps extract the most relevant insights from corporate data.
  • Leverages data discovery for rapid prototyping and dashboard creation
  • Query information directly within the data source - no need for extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and semantic layers
Dashboards, Scorecards & Reports

The easiest way to monitor your business by combining all the data you need into personalized real time dashboards.
  • An integrated environment to simplify dashboard management and delivery across your organization
Mobile BI: Your Data - Anywhere, Anytime

Rich reporting and analytics when and where you want them.
  • Native support for iOS and Android devices
  • Instantly explore information, uncover problem areas and find answers all from your mobile device

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